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Picosecond Laser Therapy

PicoPlus® is a skin rejuvenation treatment technique that utilises “Picosecond” laser technology specifically for dermal cosmetic procedures. “Picosecond” is a unit of time representing one trillionth of a second. This laser emits pulses at an extremely fast speed, allowing for the production of ultra-short pulses on the skin surface. This provides a gentle yet effective treatment method.

What is PicoPlus® Picosecond Laser Therapy?

PicoPlus® is capable of treating various skin conditions, such as wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, and freckles, as well as tattoo removals. Its principle involves using high-energy laser pulses to fragment pigment particles or tattoo ink within the skin, allowing the body’s natural processes to eliminate these particles and restore the skin to a healthier and more natural appearance.

Furthermore, PicoPlus® picosecond laser treatment alsostimulates the regeneration of the skin’s own collagen and elastin proteins, thus improving skin tightness and elasticity, thereby achieving a firming and anti-ageing effect.

PicoPlus® Treatment Effects

With FDA, CE, and FCC certifications, the patented honeycomb technology causes epidermal vacuolation effects, which can protect the epidermis and prevent damage during treatment. It is also safer than traditional lasers, with a shorter recovery period. With up to four wavelengths of 1064, 660, 595, and 532nm, it is specifically designed for difficult-to-treat discoloration in Asians. The output range is wider than other picosecond lasers, and the energy control is more precise and accurate.

Improved stubborn spots

Color spots appearing on the skin are often caused by the deposition of pigments due to sun damage, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, hormonal changes, or natural aging.

PicoPlus® emits ultra-short laser pulses that can instantly break down pigmented particles deep within the skin. Compared to other laser treatments, the advantage of “Picosecond” laser therapy is its ability to precisely target the pigments, resulting in extremely fine fragmentation. This allows the body to naturally clear away these fragmented pigments more easily, leading to the fading of colour spots.

Reduced acne marks

The PicoPlus® ultra-short pulse laser can precisely target the pigments in the skin, breaking them down into extremely fine particles. This helps to diminish pigment changes caused by acne and promote a more even skin tone. Additionally, this laser treatment also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres in the skin, which are crucial for skin repair and regeneration.
By stimulating the generation of new collagen, PicoPlus® can assist the skin in self-repair during the treatment process, further improving the appearance of acne scars.

Even skin tone

PicoPlus® utilises a unique ultra-short pulse laser technology to precisely target the pigment cells within the skin and break them down into extremely fine particles, making it easier for the body’s natural metabolic system to remove them. This process can fade various types of pigment abnormalities in the skin, including sunspots, age spots, freckles, and pigmentations caused by acne, ageing, or damage.

Tightened pores

Not only does the PicoPlus® laser treatment break down the pigments in the skin, but it also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers. This is due to the “Picosecond” laser’s ability to stimulate the deep layers of the skin to rearrange and regenerate collagen and elastin. These newly generated tissues can fill and tighten pores, resulting in a reduction in pore size.

This method not only improves the appearance of the skin, making the pores appear smaller, but also enhances the overall texture of the skin, making it tighter and smoother.

Reduced fine lines

The PicoPlus® “Picosecond” laser treatment can precisely target the deep layers of cellular tissue in the skin, releasing high-energy laser pulses at the minimal Thermal Damage Zone.

This treatment method effectively stimulates the production and remodelling of collagen, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is the main structural protein in the skin, and when it is stimulated, it can increase skin elasticity and tightness, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Increased collagen

The PicoPlus® picosecond laser utilises its short pulse duration and high-energy laser to precisely target the deep layers of tissue in the skin. This process creates microscopically small thermal zones and induces minimal damage within the skin, hence stimulating the skin’s self-repair capabilities and activating the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Collagen and elastin are the primary supportive structures of the skin, providing elasticity and firmness.

Through this approach, the PicoPlus® picosecond laser treatment not only improves pigment-related issues such as pigmentation and tattoos but also enhances skin texture, reduces pore size, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes collagen production, thus restoring a youthful and firm appearance to the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

The suggested treatment interval is 1~3 weeks. The number of treatments required varies from person to person, but 10 treatments are usually recommended.
  1. Pregnant women, people with photosensitive skin and infected wounds should be evaluated by a physician prior to treatment
  2. Dry and itchy skin, or with sunburns, eczema and open wounds
  3. Clients with wound infections or redness and inflammation requiring antibiotic treatment
  1. Avoid heavy direct sunlight after the treatment. It is recommended that you wear sunscreen that is above SPF30 and PA+++ when going outdoors to effectively prevent the damage on your skin by UVA and UVB.
  2. You should use lukewarm water to wash your face in the first two days after treatment, while also avoiding rubbing. You should also use more gentle but effective moisturising products after treatment.
  3. Light makeup can be applied after treatment, but they should be safe and gentle products.
  4. Some clients receiving freckle treatments may see scabbing in 2-5 days which may itch. It is important to just wait until they fall off naturally and not touch or scratch them.
  5. It is recommended to avoid using whitening or freckle-removing products and products containing fruit-acid short-term after treatment.